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iPhone 6s: Is Upgrading Worth It?

The new iPhone 6s is on the streets and excitement is buzzing for new features like 3D touch, faster processing, and an upgraded camera (finally!) But is this upgrade worth it for an iPhone 6 or 5s owner? Well, this all depends on your wants and needs. Everyone is different so its hard to give a blanket answer. I will however give you my thoughts.

The new iPhone sports an impressive camera with 12 megapixels for shooting stunning photos and 4K videos, and the power to back it up with what equates to a Ferrari for a processor. The 6s also introduces a new way for using your phone that has never been done before: 3D Touch that responds to the pressure of your touch. Apple really does keep pushing the bar for innovations. But does all this innovation entice the iPhone 6 and 5s owners?

In my opinion this is a story that we get from Apple with each “S” series phone. There are some amazing improvements. But if you wait one more year you will get a refined experience and ground breaking technology that will surpass the “S” series of the current year. As an iPhone 5s owner I am not compelled to get the iPhone 6s and here is why:

The iPhone 5s is still a powerful phone with a very good camera and a processor that equates to a V8 Mustang. It gets the job done with room to still shine despite its age. The one drawback is it does not support Apple Pay which is becoming the best and most secure way to shop. But if you have an Apple Watch it will allow the 5s to support Apple Pay. Also the 5s is the last of the 4 inch displays which a lot of people still like because of the smaller size as the new phones grow bigger and bigger. Ultimately there are some good reasons to get the 6s if you have a 5s or 6, but not enough for this blogger to make the leap.

We all look forward to the iPhone 7 and the technological advances it will bring to make our lives easier. And while the iPhone 6s is a wonderful device and may be one to consider, I would only jump to it if you own an iPhone 4s or earlier as your 5, 5s, & 6 still have plenty of life left in them for your enjoyment!