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Is being secure while traveling important to you?

Life is busy and we all can get swept up in it, especially when traveling. Our minds are on making it to the plane on time, looking good while doing it, and grabbing a bite to eat if time permits. The last place our mind goes is to data security. But we are at our most vulnerable when traveling. Maybe we should take a minute to consider our security.


Traveling work area

Everyday people just don't have the time to think about this; and to

most it can become overwhelming. But when you get hit with a data breach everything stops and panic ensues. Wouldn't it be better to prevent a security breach before it happens? Let's talk about one way to secure your data while traveling.

The simplest solution to being secure while traveling is to use a wireless hotspot. Hotspots are 3G, 4G, or LTE devices that convert cell phone signal to wireless for your devices to connect to. In today's world anyone with a smartphone has the ability to turn that smartphone into a hotspot for their laptop, tablet, or other devices.

Why is this important you ask? Because when you travel there are plenty of free wireless networks for you to connect to at airports, hotels, coffee shops, etc. All of these wireless networks are open networks. And open networks mean just that: your information is open to be seen by someone else on the same network that has a little bit of know-how and "Googling" skills. I could go into contaminated machines that can infest a network like roaches, freely available snooping programs, and compromised wireless routers at these places, but all you need to know is it’s bad and you want no part in it.


When you connect to a personal hotspot there is one connection that only your devices are on. And connecting to that one personal hotspot is the simplest means of keeping your personal data safe while traveling. This will protect not only your personal information but the business you are running or working for. Use this one simple step to keep your data secure while traveling.