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Not just living but thriving!

PC Central Circuit is not just a website design and IT consulting business. We also get our hands dirty and install. An example of this is our clients over at the Tiger Sports Shop, a Clemson University apparel and memorabilia store, who needed to upgrade a dated stereo system. We stepped in and guided them to a package that would not only supply what they needed but go beyond what they were expecting!

Our first order of business was to asses the current equipment and what issues it was causing them. The most important issue that needed fixing was they could not get the Clemson Football radio station over the current setup. Our solution was to use streaming services to get the radio station piped in over the stereo.

To help visualize the area they needed to fill take a look at the image below.

They needed to fill what once was a theater with full, rich, adrenaline pumping audio. So we got to work.


We built a package of Klipsch speakers and a Pioneer receiver to bring home the games in vivid audio! Along with these items were wiring and protective caps for all wires, a clean power surge suppressor to keep the equipment running for years to come with clean power and a failsafe for power spikes which can take out this type of equipment.

Caped Wiring


Because the store is very long and the owners did not want to run wires through the drop ceiling we incorporated wireless connectivity for the rear surround speakers and for the subwoofer. This kept wiring to a minimum and allowed for easier movement in the future.

Wiring is the lifeblood of any stereo equipment. If you don't invest in good high quality wiring you cannot get the superior sound quality that your equipment can provide. We make sure our clients only get the best because we understand that your equipment is useless without the correct wiring.


Older equipment neatly stacked

We removed the older equipment to give us space for the new. We left it with the owners neatly stacked in their storage area along with the boxes from the equipment we installed.