Windows vs Apple

Windows vs Apple

Have you ever gotten into the debate of Windows vs Mac? I can already feel the heat from both sides wanting to melt my existence into the eternal darkness of space. This topic has been a battleground for a very long time. And I am about to put my hat in the ring and give my opinion. So I’ll pose a question: Why not have both?

Apple is a defined and, to most, exhilarating experience. Windows has been, well, not as good in my option. But Windows 10 might change all that with the addition of a new, polished user interface, the best virtual assistant I have ever used (even above Siri), and updated security. Windows is poised to take the market back. So why, with all the amazing experiences of both, would you want to choose only one?

With the recent advances to programs like Parallels & VM Ware to support Windows 10 on Mac you can have both. This does require a Mac, and to most hardcore Windows users this is a “no no!”. But take my advice and get a Mac. They by far run Windows better than any other computer. And no other computer will let you run Apple’s operating system, legally. Having the ability to run both Windows and OS X at anytime is a powerful tool that you should not pass up.

So I ask again, why not have both? Cost is usually the concern for purchasing an Apple. But let me give you a response to that complaint. Cost, to me, is a relative term when it comes to the price of electronics and especially computers. All computers cost the same amount. What you pay for is the amount of time a computer will last.

Let me explain. Let’s say you go buy a Windows computer for $500 and

it lasts you 2 years, in good running condition. Great! But let’s say you buy a $2,000 Apple computer and it last you 6 years. Which is the better value overall? And how is your experience while using the computer? Is it slow, buggy, and constantly having to be maintained (as is normal in lower end Windows computers)? Or is it fast, reliable, and easy to use (as is the norm with higher end Apple computers)? I pick the one that gives me the longevity and ease of use: Apple. Again, having the ability to accomplish anything with one computer, to me, is a powerful tool.


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