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Alert: Hackers can peer into your phone with just your number.

In some unsettling news from hackers can now, and have be able to for a while, able to track your location using cellular networks, read any text sent or received, and listen and store any phone calls you have over your mobile device with just having your phone number.


This would not be so bad except there is little to no way of preventing this from happening because the hack takes advantage of the cell networks vulnerabilities. We can offer you some ways we consider safer to use than others to help keep your data from prying eyes and ears.


One way to help with hiding your text information is to sent text from an encrypted messaging app such as Apples messenger which encrypts the message from one end to the other. So if a hacker does get your text the hacker cannot read it. The way you can tell if you are sending a message from Apples service is your text will be in blue instead of green. Other messaging applications are available that send encrypted messages such as Snapchat. Use these, when you can, to have a layer of protection.

When it comes to calls you also want to stick to Apples echo system of communications. FaceTime is not just a video calling service you can also use FaceTime dial which is HD audio calls with no video. Apple encrypts these calls from end to end. Google nor Skype offer this type of protection ( The one caveat is this only works on Apple to Apple communications, you will still have to use regular network communication to talk to people outside of the Apple environment.


If you want to dive deeper take a look at this article from where they talk about the secret life of your mobile phone.

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