$20 Security Camera, junk? I think not!

Wyze Security Camera


If you have not heard of Wyze you should take a look at this new company and the wonderful security camera they make. Essentially you are getting what some of the cameras that cost $200 don't even offer. The biggest of these is the 14 days of rolling free cloud storage of alert videos. Most other cameras will charge you $50 a year just for the service, and this camera with the 14 days if only an amazing $20!

Just recently they released a new version with better night vision and the price is still the same $20. They have an active forum site and Facebook page to help with any question you may have. The customer service has been very good.

These are not meant to be outdoor cameras but we have had two under and overhang for testing and they have been working well so far. We even had them out in a snow storm and had no issues.

Do yourself a favor and pick a couple of these up from their website! I could go into all the other features they come packed with but I'll leave that up to you to see at their site Wyzecam.com.


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